Always Thankful


Always Thankful

How could I ever complain at my misfortune
My challenges just don't measure up
My hand has never lifted an empty cup

I never had to tell my child we have no food
I never had to ask my family to sleep in a cardboard box
I never had to beg for a pair of shoes and socks

I have never endured a fatal illness
I have never had to see my child die
I have never had to watch a grieving parent cry

I have never been victimized by racial slurs
I have never felt discrimination pains
I have never been bound up with the slave master's chains

I have never been imprisoned for wearing a crucifix
I have never had to suffer religious persecution
I never had to fear a dictators execution

How could I ever view my status as desperate
How could I ever ignore all of my neighbors sufferings
How could I not thank God for all of my blessings

Poem by David Norman