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The eternal power of words. Poetry, quotes, lyrics, and bible verses have inspired, entertained,
 changed and helped heal the world from generation to generation.
This site is dedicated to honoring those who have impacted the world through their own personal inspiration.
We are driven to share with the world all that we have found or have written
through our own inspiration.
We are motivated to find as much positive energy as there may be in the world and present those life changing
 words in a uniquely designed format, often set against nature's backdrop.
We believe that some of the most inspiring words ever written, spoken or
sung were born from sitting in the silence of nature.

In that awesome stillness, in God's presence, we all can find great inspiration.
We are blessed so deeply to reside in the Texas Hill Country area....
our place for constant inspiration.
We hope and pray that the world may find the same spiritual power that we have
found in seeking out the positive inspiration that exists all around us.

The Texas Hill Country
Texas Hill Country

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poemday poemday

Texas Hill Country

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