I Am


“Our play is not something separate from our spirituality; it is itself a sign of the presence of God in the world.”

― Ken Shigematsu

I Am
I am to be found
Within the smallest seed
I lie in sweet repose
In winter’s iron ground
I spring forth in dazzling light
In nature I abound

I am to be found
In a new born baby’s cry
An old man’s last soft breath
The age’ds weary eye…
The mystery of death
The heart suffused with pain
The mourners bitter tears.
You do not cry in vain.

I am to be found
In the lover’s warm caress
In sunset’s molten glow
In twilights sweet redress
In dawns ethereal light
In deepest inky night
Through all your fears and woes
When fate runs you a-ground..
Yes, even in that pit of doom
Still! even there, I’m found.

I am to be found
Within all things I made
Each feathered bird in flight
Each tiny creeping thing
I live within your heart
I’m in the song you sing
I’m everywhere you look
I’m where you cannot see
So rest and be assured
Your soul Is safe
With Me.

Poem By
Alison Stormwolf

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