Love Poems


Love poems, displaying the  greatest commodity on Earth and in Heaven. Love has the power to change the world.
May we find peace from receiving and giving daily love.

Love In The Midst D.Norman
Time Sacrificed D.Norman
Twice Blessed D.Norman
Holding All Together D.Norman
Healing Powers D.Norman
Until I Met You J. Fuchs
I Thank God He Sent You To Me Trisha
True Love J. Viorst
The Avenue
F. CornFord
He Calls To Me T. Simms
Late At Night C. Kierzkowski
Mothers C. M Lake
The Red Dress D. Parker
Love Is Magic Ray K.Gibran
Our Wedding Vow R. Tramner
Someone Like You J. Signs
Watching You David Davis
Sonnet XI Pablo Neruda
My Love Is Like To Ice Edmund Spencer
Angel Sanamacha


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