A Boozer's Advice


A Boozer’s Advice

By Anton Plevin

If you booze you lose, or so they say

I didn’t believe that back in the day

When I was young it seemed so funny

Clubbing together, so we had enough money

Just weekends it started at first

Then in the week to quench my thirst

But as I got older the liquor got stronger

Hangovers began to last much longer

In the end they would last three days

And my memories were a blurry haze

Then one day I hit rock bottom

With self-esteem long forgotten

All that mattered was my next drink

It took to long to make the link

Till finally unable to function

And coming to a life threatening junction

Choose to drink my life away

Or stop and live the proper way

Getting dry was hard to do

I wouldn’t wish that shit on you

With sweats and jolts and a terrible shake

How long would my recovery take

Slowly, slowly, less and less

Now my life is not a mess

It was something I had to do

And now can write this verse for you

It can happen to anyone

I started off just having fun

So be weary of this evil trap

Or you life could end up feeling crap

But for now it’s over anyway

And I live to fight another day

Not everyone’s hit by the demon in drink

But when you’re young you just don’t think

I’m not telling you what to do

This is just my advice to you

Looking through an addicts eyes

Those drunken days have made me wise

Not everyone has to lose, it’s up to you to safely booze

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