Angel In Disguise


Angel In Disguise

The other day I met an angel
And when I looked into her eyes
I saw a love to pierce the darkness
I saw that hate she truly despised

I saw the comfort and compassion
When I was broken or would cry
She'd embrace me into her arms
And sing to me a lullaby

The words so inspirational
I'd close my eyes and dream
The melody so graceful
I was hearing Heaven sing

She taught me many lessons
About how to live my life
Pleasingly towards Jesus
Loving daughter, mother, wife

She taught me ways of wisdom
To always speak the truth
She taught me the books of the Bible
Joshua, Judges, Ruth

Together we play for hours
Trains, house, and dolls
But soon the sky darkens
The sun begins to fall

I look in dismay at the night sky
Then back to my angel friend
I knew she would be leaving
It was time for goodbyes; this was the end

The angel smiled brightly
Then revealed her disguise
I stood in amazement
I gazed into her eyes

Her face brightly glowing
Her hair fell down in curls
She smiled at me so brightly
Wearing a necklace of pearls

We stood staring at each other
Then I would realize
That there stood my mother
Angel in disguise

by Jennifer Rasmussen

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