Even the innocent will rejoice.


Not because of dead fish belly


up In the river lay-by where they


almost learned to swim between


excrement releases from the


overflowing septic tanks due to


detergents prohibiting bacteria


disintegrating untreated faeces.



Not because their linen sheets


got flecked with particles of red


dust which was supposedly last


time attributed to a desert storm


in the Sahara transported by the


Sirocco then relayed to La Mistral


and eventually becoming alias before


making a landfall on their island coast.



Not because of a cumulus congestus


which replaced nimbus casting a dark


shadow on their glasshouses where


unripened tomatoes would have to


be fried green without the wild Paris


mushrooms which are impossible to


distinguish from blackberries growing


in hedgerows by the roadsides.



The innocent will rejoice because


despite they being the common


denominator to a pyrrhic solution


the final equation will end with a


mere = an aspiration of majorities


which had gone unheeded by all


of those who had been manipulating


figures on the hypothenuse square to


deceive those of their lesser neighbours.

Finn Mac Eoin


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 Carnegie Hall-Finn Mac Eoin