Last Night On Earth


Last Night On Earth

Baby I know you and I both don't like to hear this

But what if I don't get to give you one more kiss
I just want you to know my life started with you
You are the bright light that shines right through

I never knew what love was till our eyes met
Our connection was always true and never a bet
Since our two lonely hearts finally did combine
It was the beauty of having to call you mine

If tomorrow doesn't happen or just even show
I loved you forever just in case you didn't know
You were the one could really call my best friend
Thats why I'm going to be loving you till the end

Each time we are apart I just dream of your smile
I have never stopped caring for you all the while
You are this feeling that I could never replace
You are the joy in my heart and smile on my face

If the night never ends and we don't see day light
Just know that I was dreaming of your tonight
This love so true and strong did come out of the blue
Baby I never knew I could find such qualities in you

Having you near is like heaven at my own two feet
I'm loving you more by end of each heartbeat
You've given me this joy that I will forever hold
I will always love till the day we both grow old

Thats why if tomorrow doesn't happen to show
You're the light at the end of tunnel when I'm low
My love starts in your eyes and continues in my heart
Baby if we disappear our love will still never part

No matter if I'm here and you're somewhere else
Just know I'm thinking of you while I'm by myself
I still wonder sometimes we will last forever
But I should know the answer - always together

But finally if I don't get the chance to tell you this
I'm writing this poem and sealing it with a kiss
I never knew passion till I layed my eyes on you
Never knew how to love till I found this
 feeling so true

 Poem by Dora

Last Night On Earth  by Dora