Hatred and war are what pollutes our nation,

It rots our hearts, God’s sweetest creation

If we just do some good without any hesitation,

Then we can become one of those great inspirations.

We can be those who teach the younger generations

Tell them to put down the weapons & read the Bible’s Revelation

Teach them to stand up and stop this discrimination and segregation

Teach them to stand up and give them more determination

We can even teach them to have a little innovation

But still keep Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a great inspiration.

We can listen to his words, ideas, and his imagination

His act of non-violence helped soothe all nations

For equality and freedom was his major mission

We can hear his speeches on the radio stations

We can see his dream come to life on many televisions

Talking about our ancestors and how they slaved on plantations

Or how Abraham Lincoln created the Emancipation Proclamation

Our past is what gives us the greatest motivation

To finally rise up and achieve an education

Quit making excuses and be the strong demonstration

Instead of that hatred and war show love as the temptation

If we take better action today, we can make a transformation.

Dr. King’s words are the integration

His words of hope are what helped build this nation.

We built a strong civilization,

But some of us still need the inspiration

We must look at specifics and not generalizations

We have to stop the fighting and all the instigation

If we do our part and show good intentions

If we follow our hearts and if we mention,

The words of Dr. King in all directions,

Then we will direct a path to our own salvation

In preparation

Of our evaluation

In our number one destination…

Up in heaven.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had his expectations,

He wanted brothers and sisters to join hands for all generations.

We learn that history has a way of making rotations

Like I said, our past is what gives us the greatest motivation

To end all hatred, war, and discrimination

To end all violence and show our salutations.

He taught us to cope with all our observations

He brought us hope in all directions

He wants us to build a strong relation

With whites, blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians

But we have to act upon it and bring forth our best presentation.

We all must stand with confidence and show no frustration

We all must take action and rise above the nation

We all should strive to be the good talking sensations.

Don’t bring in that frustration

Let’s have high aspirations

Give our life illumination

More love and animation

Reach out for that gratification.

People can hear our speeches on radio stations

People can see our dreams come to life on televisions.

Dr. King once stated,

“The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation…”

Meaning, we must take action and get some satisfaction

We as a nation must stop these whirlwinds that destroy all foundations

If we do things with a combination,

Of love and good and have no accusations.

Share peace and happiness all throughout the nation

From the North to the South and across the Appalachians

My people we can finally get that resignation

Do it right with no hesitations

Do it right without tribulations

Do it all with determination.

I’d rather die with satisfaction

At least knowing I took some action

I’d rather live with noble ambition

Than to die from hatred’s suffocation--

Giving hatred the white flag of extermination.

Now Dr. King made speeches and his interpretation

Is of how we must build our strong civilization

So we can stand tall and not feel humiliation.

Now I’ve seen my people live a life of destruction,

But if we take action there will be no more corruption.

I have seen my people looked down upon and be the laughing sensations

Live a life of humiliation

And always feeling frustration.

The first step of taking action is realization

Of what you can give back and of course how you take it in.

You should stop for a minute to look at your reflection

Remember that you’re stronger than all the hatred and rejection.

Dr. King’s words will forever live on through the nation

And if you think I’m wrong, just look around at his creation

Blacks and whites holding hands with consideration

Sharing the love with every generation

Starting up these new relations.

And now once a year we have a grand celebration

Of Dr. King’s life not his assassination.

As I pound it in your heads, my people take action,

Let us start something new; let us get those great reactions

The next level of Dr. King’s dream is our own creation

Continue to listen to his words and take it into consideration

He gave us the book, now we must make our own illustrations

Create our observations




So everyone can understand his words without aggravation.

We must keep his word alive, and get rid of discrimination

For he is the one that I, have as my number one inspiration.

by brittbritt


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