Long Live the King

God Bless the soul of Martin

More than just any ordinary man

Perhaps braver and bolder

Much more in touch with his convictions

And willing vocalize those same convictions

Unafraid to go against the waves of society

And stand up in front of multitudes of men of all color

Against any evil power presented.


A true king

An angel sent by God himself unto Earth

A messenger sent to deliver the word of God

And spread his love

A warrior sent

To fight for the rights of not only black-skinned-men

But rather

Men of all racial backgrounds

Men of all ethnic backgrounds

All men


Incarcerated and later assassinated

For the premise of his beliefs

Filled with love and conviction for the human race

A belief that we are all God's own children

That we are all equal under God's eyes

We are all just brothers and sisters

Under one same God

One same nation

And thus should be treated accordingly

And not be segregated by the thick walls of society


Praise Dr. King for his legacy left behind!

That many centuries from now

He will be remembered for his deeds to society

His name will be engraved in gold inside a book of stone

Along with the rest of the elite men

Who have transformed this great nation

Into a better one.


Long live his words that enlightened us all

"Free at last! Free at last!"

That moved us into a new America

That changed the way we think

A man with the vision and guts

To go to places where his speeches were frowned upon

And experience frowns

And dirty looks himself for the sake of this

Yet he continued

And succeeded thereafter

To help to wipe the dust off the eyes of many racists

Present a new view of life

What a great man!

Indeed "Free at last!


I am not ignorant

And realize discrimination still lingers among us

In many corners of this nation

It is still is alive

But Dr. King planted the seed

To a new movement

In hopes that it would eventually harvest

And give fruit to a new way of life

In hopes of starting perhaps

A chain reaction throughout the rest country.

A rippling effect inside deep and dark waters

Caused by one single pebble.

He created a long clear pathway

For many Americans to follow

Let us follow this pathway

That leads us to racial equality

For the better of this nation


In his grave

A brave body peacefully rests

But his soul in heaven remains

Singing freely

What a great man!

One of very few

Long live the king!

And in peace may his body rest for all of eternity

by Christian Betancourt


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  Long Live the King - Christian Betancourt