Holding On
Steve Winwood

Holding On

Used to live in the danger zone,
any day it could get too rough
Now I'm glad I kept holding on,
now I'm glad I had soul enough
You turned night into day and
showed me how my soul could sing

You took my hurt away and showed
me love conquers anything
When two hearts both feel the same,
 there's a way to beat the game

Holding on, now I'm standing in the light
Holding on, and this time I've got it right
Holding on, every day and every night
Holding on.

Fall asleep in your lover's arms
and it's just like it ought to be
Just be thankful she keeps you warm
 in a world where there's nothing free
Give her love every day and pay
attention when she dreams
And she'll be good to you 'cause
sometimes love is just what it seems
When two hearts both feel the same,
there's a way to beat the game

See the mountain water running down into streams
How it holds on forever, we'll be holding on forever

People soul-searching all night long
for a reason to help them live
And I do hope they hear this song,
get through take and you get to give
It can be in a smile, it can be there in a touch
It warms the world awhile,
when it's love it can't be too much

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Galatians 6:2
Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

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