Shut My Eyes


Shut My Eyes

By Leon

When I close my eyes

Shut out the pain outside

My soul turns inwards

And I feel the shame inside

I’m trying to be perfect

Trying to be right

But I know that deep down

For my soul I will have to fight

These demons are coming for me

I am not ready

I’ll have to be strong

Be determined, be steady

In a battle I can’t win

When the enemy is myself

My demons of sin

I know I’ll need help

But who do I turn to?

Who can I trust?

Bound by chains of shame

Which cannot rust

I have tried everything

Nothing has worked

Do I give up?

Let go of the stress, the hurt?

Do I lose myself to sin?

Lose hope

Let the darkness win?

Or do I rise and fight

Struggle and battle

For what I know is right

Either way is bad

But I know the path I’ll take

A better world

For myself I’ll make

I’ll try my best

I’ll win this war

I’ll pass the test

This is the final straw

Although my life has just begun

It is dark and cold

But there will be a rising sun

Shine rays of hope

Onto my cold world

To be reborn

Allow my wings to unfurl

And soar above the pain

Nothing to lose

Everything to gain.

I have made my choice

There is no going back.

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