This Is How I Feel

This feeling won't go away,
This feeling of not being strong enough,
This pain,
it hurts,
Will it ever go away?
I don’t know anymore,
I feel lifeless,
Life less,
Empty inside and out,
Will I ever get past this feeling of numbness of pain?
He won't remember me, will he?
I don't know.
I hurt him, didn't I?
No, I had no choice,
I told him that,
I told him I didn't want to break the best thing that's happened to me in a very long time,
He won't forgive me, will he?
He was hurt,
He fell in love,
I broke him,
Even after I promised I would never,
This Horrible pain inside me,
It's so powerful,
I can’t push it away,
It won't go away,
Will I ever heal the same,
Will I ever be the same,
Will I ever be happy again?
I feel like I deserve to feel like this,
I don't know anymore
Every time I try to move passed it,
“It always comes back as if it’s attached to my soul”
Am I not worth the fight?
Maybe not,
It’s as if i'm in a prison full of all my demons and mistakes I made in the past
I feel trapped like a zoo animal inside a stainless steel cage,
I feel hopeless,
I feel like i'm stuck,
I try to get better,
Be more happier,
But then my demons give me a reason not to be happy anymore,
I become this empty,
Dead person inside and out,
“I feel like I will never escape this hideous painful world we call life”
I hide things from people,
Important people who mean everything to me,
Certain things that I'm scared to tell ppl about,
I'm scared to tell them how I feel inside,
How I feel,
I feel scared,
I’m afraid that I will never be happy again,
Never be careless again,
Never escape this pain we call
The depression cycle of life,
That’s how I truly think 24/7!

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