Welcome To Hell


Welcome To Hell

By Nelly Barnes

Welcome to Hell,’ the sign should’ve read,

Reaching your destination-all in your head!

‘Last call for the train heading to Nowhere Fast,’

The memories you create will forever last.

You want to buy a ticket, What’s the cost, you ask?

Just hop on board, we’ll talk once your trashed.

Close your eyes and picture something grand,

No peeking! Now trust me, and give me your hand!

To a beach with water and the sun shining down,

Open up! No beach here, you’re hell bound.

Of course there’s water! But it’s for your rig and spoon,

Lil’ girl, don’t be afraid- 14 years old isn’t that soon?

The men don’t bite, but you’ll be messed up beyond belief,

When you do pass out, not remembering- a relief.

Ashamed to face Mommy! Got to have that coke!

Shooting dope everyday, A girl with dreams lost all hope.

I laugh at you as you toss your life in the wind,

To far gone… it’s us till’ the end.

I’ll be there when you lose your pride.

When you forget your morals, I’m at your side.

You’ll cheat and steal to have that fix,

Won’t take baby to the doctor although she’s sick.

Getting a pill- definitely #1 on the list,

Oops. Another appointment baby missed.

Nanny buys diapers because Mommy stays high,

Daddy hits Mommy and the children cry.

After years of this bliss the kids got took,

Mommy is a junkie and fast becoming a crook.

You’ll land in jail, a drug addict you remain,

Your heart turns cold as you play the game.

Do not pass go- strip your dignity right here,

This old man wants you, dry your tears,

Quote a price! Self respect long forgotten,

You’d sell your soul to the devil for an Oxycontin.

I told you girl the destination is in your head!

‘Welcome To Hell!’ Next stop… Well, she’s dead.

I told you that I’d stick it out till’ the end,

For me, you traded your dreams and kids,

Your Addiction, Life, and your faithful Friend.

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