What Is A Dad?


A Dad is patient, helpful, and strong
He is there by your side when things go wrong
He's someone who guides you to do the right thing
And helps you solve problems that life sometimes brings

A Dad is someone who is loving and kind
And usually knows what's going on in your mind
He is someone who listens and makes time to talk
When things are bad he doesn't turn around and walk

He is a strong shoulder when times are tough
And still loves you dearly when he's had enough
He helps you and guides you all that he can,
Wanting nothing more than to make you a man

A Dad's there when you're happy and even more when you're sad
Giving unconditional love whether you're good or you're bad
A Dad is someone that you can also call a friend
Who is there no matter what and will be till the end

They say that blood is thicker than water
But I know this isn't true
Because my son couldn't ask for a better Dad
Than one he has found in you

I think of all the years gone by and wonder
How different things would've been
If his real father put forth the love
That you have shown to him

Happy Father's Day!
Thank you for showing my son what a real father is
And for loving him as much as you do. You will always
Have a special place in my heart and his

 Annmarie Campbell


What Is A Dad?-Annmarie Campbell