You Are Never Alone


You Are Never Alone

I open my eyes to a light so bright...
Where I'm surrounded by colours, an amazing sight,
And a beautiful Angel holds me in her arms.
I feel safe and happy, contented and calm.

"I'm so joyful to see you, now you've come home.
Please don't be afraid for you're never alone.
You are supported by angels in this heaven above,
Each one with open arms and bundles of love.

Maybe you think you've come home too soon,
But it was in your plan, for you have lots to do.
Now you've returned to renew your task.
Allow me to guide you, that's all I ask.

You never need miss those you left behind,
For you are able to visit, just open your mind.
They may not hear you or see you close by,
But you will be there with every tear that they cry.

You can go where you chose; you don't need to walk.
Just think yourself there, you'll arrive in a thought.
You'll never get weary, grow old or feel pain.
You can run, jump and skip, again and again!

Wander freely through fields, with animals galore,
Yes even lions, stroke their mane, they won't roar.
Every bird that you see will come sit on your hand.
You can pet them all freely; now isn't that grand?

You may pick all the flowers your arms can hold,
Our blooms live forever; they never grow old;
Just bend down and listen to their music so sweet.
They sing as you nudge them with your hands or your feet.

Pick fruit from the trees, enjoy as much as you like.
There's a never-ending supply; go on, take a big bite...
Worry not that the juice drips through your fingers.
It all returns to source, no mess, nothing lingers.

Now come on, let's go; there are friends to be found.
Just think of your loved ones and they'll all gather round.
They've been waiting eagerly for you to return,
Excited to hear everything that you've learned."

So it seems we're all destined for God's promised land,
Where angels gone before us just wait to take our hand.
With guidance and with comfort they help us on our way
So we can live in peace and love, enjoying every day.

And if you couldn't walk or talk, or you'd sadly lost your mind,
Have no fear, it's all restored; you leave all that behind.
The Lord repairs your body, returning it to new,
No sign of any illness, just a happy, healthy you.

I'm seeing so much beauty in this land beyond the veil,
Where you suffer no more ailments and all are looking well.
Please don't be sad or grieve for me. I'm never on my own.
Just remember I'll be waiting when it's your time to come home.

by Susan C Walkinshaw-Kelly

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