Life Poems


Life poems, reminding us of the many ups and downs we face each day. Learning how to deal with day to day life is a struggle we all face. May some poetic words ease our daily burdens and begin a more joyous path

Mad Girl's Love Song S. Plath
Through It All D. Snuffer
Fill The Empty Spaces R. Bernard
Wars C. Sandburg
Old Woman C. Sandburg
Picture Puzzle Piece S. Silverstein
The Transition A. Stormwolf
Consummation Of Grief C. Bukowski
Fear C. Carson
Homelessness/Hopelessness Unknown
Giving Up Unknown
Slipping Away Unknown
Dream Deferred L. Hughes
Death Love
Poetic T
A Tear Fell
Marge Tindall
The Way It Should Be
Vergil F. E. Tudtud
The Road And The End
Carl Sandburg
I Did Not Die
Bound No'th Blues L. Hughes
Back From Black Facepaint


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