Life Poems

Life poems, reminding us of the many ups and downs we face each day. Learning how to deal with day to day life is a struggle we all face. May some poetic words ease our daily burdens and begin a more joyous path

Limerick F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Limerick F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Extreme Unction Administered M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
On The Baby's Nipple,
On The BAby's Knee,
Where Will The Baby's Dimple be?
M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Moving Up The Ladder
M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Karma F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Civil Unrest F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Town Crier F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Bleek F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Pitch & Putin F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Gone But Not Forgotten M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Houdini F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Prince Of A Life F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Room With A View M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
From The Bible M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Kami Kwasi Kwarteng F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
The Jackdaw Of All Trades M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
A Truism M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Poetry Rules.. O.K. M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Loose Change M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Birthday Boy M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Requisites For A Life, By A Bedlamite M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Doctrinal Offensive F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
The Perfect  Metaphor F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Amen, The Last Word M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
A Winter's Tale M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Busking For The Troops F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Feeling Vlad All Over F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Vincent Van Gogh
& Ryan's Aer
M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Q. E. II  F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Q Ye Too F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
A Freudian Slip M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Death Is The Full Stop, At The
End Of One's Life Sentence
M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
The Covid Con F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Sniffer F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Return Of The Specters M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
The Umbilical Chord M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Q.E .II F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Truth F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Jacob Rees Blogs F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Stygian F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Futile F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Limerick Too  F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Wooden Skewers F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Net Zero 2 F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Slime Rick F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
A Shell With A Tail F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Force Majeure F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Cost Of Leaving F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Global Warming F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Charades F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Downwind F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Hellinsky F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Fake Believe F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Net Zero F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Deconstructionist F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Ace F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
One Foul Swoop M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Rollin In Dough M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Bright Eyes M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Sirloin Steaks And U.F.O.'s M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Anti Depression Piece M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Karmageddon F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Mount Are A Rat F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
East Of Eden M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Hot Dog F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Purser'y Rhyme F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Grenki Toast F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Still Life F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
$nakes To Follow Soon F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Bank Of England
F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
Crowd  Scene F. Mac Eoin lifepoem
The Smoking Gun M. Holly Barrett lifepoem
Holocaust Deniers M. Holly Barrett belss
Another Conspiracy Theory M. Holly Barrett belss
The Monkey On My Back
M. Holly Barrett belss
The Ballad Of John
Jenkins 1827
M. Holly Barrett belss
Dead On  M. Holly Barrett belss
As Time Goe's by  M. Holly Barrett belss
It's Easy To Fool The Halfwit M. Holly Barrett belss
What A Wonderful World M. Holly Barrett belss
All In A Name  M. Holly Barrett belss
Enigma F. Mac Eoin belss
IAEA'O F. Mac Eoin belss
Dregs List
F. Mac Eoin belss
Al Dente F. Mac Eoin belss
Pray F. Mac Eoin belss
Poetry Contest F. Mac Eoin belss
A Hare's Breath F. Mac Eoin belss
F. Mac Eoin belss
Zaporizhzhia F. Mac Eoin belss
Zapped F. Mac Eoin belss
Ewe Lot F. Mac Eoin belss
Moral F. Mac Eoin belss
French Triptych F. Mac Eoin belss
Carrion Regardless M. Holly Barrett belss
The Joys Of Life M. Holly Barrett belss
Shank's Mare M. Holly Barrett belss
Dumbed Down Ducks F. Mac Eoin belss
Telescopic Sights F. Mac Eoin belss
Limerick For Coeliac's F. Mac Eoin belss
The Magnificent 7, At 8pm  M. Holly Barrett belss
Medium Rare M. Holly Barrett belss
Anonymous Horse F. Mac Eoin belss
Comfort Zone F. Mac Eoin belss
Wordsmith F. Mac Eoin belss
The Last Refuge M. Holly Barrett belss
The Drone, Poem Of The Day M. Holly Barrett belss
A Murder Of Crows M. Holly Barrett belss
A Jackdaw Of All Trades M. Holly Barrett belss
Christmas Day 1958 M. Holly Barrett belss
The Ladder Of Life F. Mac Eoin belss
Till Death Do Us Part M. Holly Barrett belss
How Was It For You? M. Holly Barrett belss
A Tinkers Tale F. Mac Eoin belss
Why Is It Allowed? M. Holly Barrett belss
Gallivanters Wish In A
Glass Of Irish Words
F. Mac Eoin belss
Sound Boxed Bread F. Mac Eoin belss
Provenance F. Mac Eoin belss
Abettor F. Mac Eoin belss
Elocution Executed F. Mac Eoin belss
Social Standing M. Holly Barrett belss
Exact Criteria M. Holly Barrett belss
Perception Is Deception F. Mac Eoin belss
Idiom F. Mac Eoin belss
Reoriented F. Mac Eoin belss
Whispers F. Mac Eoin belss
A High 5 F. Mac Eoin belss
Biblical Tale With A Modern Twist F. Mac Eoin belss
Lamb Of God
F. Mac Eoin belss
Does That Name Ring
A Bell With You?
M. Holly Barrett belss
Thermochromatism F. Mac Eoin belss
Admonished By His Pears M. Holly Barrett belss
I Don't Care F. Mac Eoin belss
Poem  F. Mac Eoin belss
No Internet F. Mac Eoin belss
The Bones Of  A Half
Dead Irishman
M. Holly Barrett belss
Leave Old Leaves Alone  M. Holly Barrett belss
A Factotum Worker M. Holly Barrett belss
Micky The Pig  M. Holly Barrett belss
The Final Word M. Holly Barrett belss
I Can Wallow M. Holly Barrett belss
A State Of Poemlessness M. Holly Barrett belss
The Genius M. Holly Barrett belss
Only Fools Russia In M. Holly Barrett belss
The Sunday Treat M. Holly Barrett belss
Dead And Alive,
Never The Twain....
M. Holly Barrett belss
Limerick F. Mac Eoin belss
Jailhouse Crock M. Holly Barrett belss
Quickfire... M. Holly Barrett belss
Stuck In The Middle F. Mac Eoin belss
Yotam Ottalengi F. Mac Eoin belss
Annuit Coeptis F. Mac Eoin belss
F. Mac Eoin belss
Routine Lesson
M. Holly Barrett belss
M. Holly Barrett belss
Humpty Dumpty
M. Holly Barrett belss
Equus Caballus
F. Mac Eoin belss
Some Like It Hot
M. Holly Barrett belss
"It's Bweeng A Hard Days Night"
M. Holly Barrett belss
"Just For Pig Iron"
M. Holly Barrett belss
Euro Final  2022 London
F. Mac Eoin belss
Toasted Milk
F. Mac Eoin belss
The  Culinary Capital Of Ireland
F. Mac Eoin belss
Humility Hides In The Dungeon
From Diurnal Diclosure

F. Mac Eoin belss
2022 European Cup Final
F. Mac Eoin belss
Indulging In Hindsight
M. Holly Barrett belss
The $nakes Are Rattled
F. Mac Eoin belss
Right Elbow, Left Knee,
That's What's Odd, Try It

F. Mac Eoin belss
Under A Sone
F. Mac Eoin belss
The Dromedary's Bucket List
M. Holly Barrett belss
Moving Follicles
M. Holly Barrett belss
Quasi's Dream
M. Holly Barrett belss
69 yr Old White Con, Secures
A Last Minute Reprieve At Sing Sing

M. Holly Barrett belss
M. Holly Barrett belss
Culinary Poem
F. Mac Eoin belss
F. Mac Eoin belss
Royal Enclosure
M. Holly Barrett belss
Piano, Piano.....Little By Little
M. Holly Barrett
The Mother Of All Oxymorons
M. Holly Barrett belss
Cabin Fever Of Love...A Song
M. Holly Barrett belss
If It Ever Comes To The Stage
M. Holly Barrett belss
Trust Risky
F. Mac Eoin
Idiot-Savant F. Mac Eoin belss
Dyslexsick Competition
F. Mac Eoin belss
I. Yasmin belss
I. Yasmin belss
I. Yasmin belss
I. Yasmin belss
The Past
I. Yasmin belss
Upon The Road Of My Life S. Crane belss
The Triumph Of Life P. Bysshe Shelley belss
Outside Looking In D. Norman belss
Tap On The Shoulder D. Norman belss
Set All Free D. Norman belss
When It's Time D. Norman belss
Equally Involved D. Norman belss
Is It That Simple Brontay belss
Appreciating The Smaller Things In Life S. Akintunde belss
A Way Of Life Kim belss
Epigram For Wall Street E. Allan Poe belss
It's Over J. Early
Solitude E. Wheeler Wilcox belss
The Smile
A.  Copland
First Happiness
A.  Copland belss
First Breath
A.  Copland belss
Dew And Due
A.  Copland
The Waltz
K. Shirley
L. Marshall
Keeping Head Above Ground
Coffee Girl
She Sits And Waits
Coffee Girl belss


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